Technology that makes your comfort our priority

Prexion Cone Beam

This tool which is very important to us at The Dental Retreat is Prexion Cone Beam which allows us to accurately go through your mouth in three dimensions while delivering less exposure to radiation than traditional methods.

Digital Radiography

At The Dental Retreat At Mountain Park, We use Digital radiography for standard X-rays which can give instant feedback during cleaning appointments and emergencies.

DEKA CO2 Soft Tissue Laser

Another wonderful as well as an advantageous tool that is implemented in our office, this laser means that scalpels are a thing of the past at The Dental Retreat. Our laser allows us to perform a wide variety of procedures in a shorter time, with improved healing, less discomfort, and less bleeding.

The DentalVibe

When patients go through this tool all they say is that they didn’t even experience any pain.